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Things millionaires do that the middle class doesn’t

By dailymail / Published on Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 13:20 PM / No Comments

Becoming a millionaire starts with your mindset. But how you follow through on those ideas matters just as much.

You don’t only need to think like a millionaire — you need to act like one.

In “The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class,” Keith Cameron Smith shares the insights he gleaned from spending two years working with and studying the ultra-rich, including the actions and attitudes that distinguish them from the average person.

Here are four ways to start acting like a millionaire, regardless of what’s in your bank account.

Millionaires talk about ideas, not things

It’s not that cars, movies and other people aren’t interesting to wealthy individuals. But they tend to focus more on big ideas for the future than on the minutiae of what’s happening in the present.

“Millionaires are creative,” Smith says. “They spend time thinking about new ideas.”

While middle class people talk about cars and movies, millionaires own the car companies and produce the movies. They understand that “ideas are the most valuable asset in the world.”

“To become more successful, you must continually expand your mind,” Smith writes. “In a world where everything is changing fast, you would be wise to spend time thinking of new ways of doing things.”