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Munchery earns money on every order in every city, says CEO

By dailymail / Published on Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 05:07 AM / No Comments

In November 2016, a Bloomberg report said that the company wasted an average of 16 percent of the food that entered its San Francisco kitchen — higher than typical restaurant rates — and in January the company laid off 30 workers and parted ways with founders Conrad Chu and Tri Tran.

Beriker differentiated Munchery from pure delivery services like GrubHub, or meal kit companies like Blue Apron, which require customers to cook meals from delivered ingredients.

“We make and deliver all natural/organic prepared meals to our customers. It is a model that lends itself to profitability at scale — and we expect to be there as a company by early to mid next year.”

On Wednesday, Blue Apron reduced the price of its IPO as investors expect fierce competition from Amazon‘s acquisition of Whole Foods.