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How Trump’s Twitter habits have changed since January

By dailymail / Published on Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017 15:40 PM / No Comments

Wall Street has also taken notice of the president’s erratic statements on twitter lately, following a stream last week that ranged from criticism of London’s mayor following a murderous terror attack on that city, to a blast at Democrats for their supposedly slow pace of confirming nominees for White House jobs. (Trump’s White House has trailed far behind the last six presidential administrations at making nominations in the first place.)

Of the 32 tweets Trump delivered last week, only five focused on the issue the White House had hoped to highlight during what it dubbed “Infrastructure Week,” according to Chris Krueger, a policy analyst at Cowen and Co.

“Trump’s Twitter message discipline left much to be desired,” Krueger wrote in a note to clients Monday.

The president returned to jobs talk this week. On Monday, Trump pressed his claim that his job “no one would have believed” his administration could have created so many jobs as it has in the past seven months.

In fact, while the eight-year-old economic recovery continues to produce jobs at a healthy clip, the pace of job creation since his election has slowed — to about 1.1 million in the seven months since the election, down from about 1.3 million in the seven months before the election.