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Bob Iger on how ESPN is Disney’s crutch and potentially its salvation

By dailymail / Published on Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 18:55 PM / No Comments

With all these options, consumers no longer have to sit in front of the television to watch their favorite teams, which has for decades been the lifeblood of ESPN.

Disney has taken steps to embrace the digital platforms, Iger said. The company negotiated deals with streaming services and improved the ESPN digital experience and app.

“We believe we’re well positioned to contend with what we think is continued disruption in the business,” Iger told CNBC.

ESPN is available on digital services from Hulu, YouTube, AT&T and Sony. They are “user-friendly, mobile first” and increase engagement with viewers, Iger added.

“We believe these new light pack options that include ESPN and over-the-top top platforms are the future and an asset to us,” Iger said.

Still, that growth is not enough to offset traditional cable and satellite revenue, Iger said. Not yet anyway.

“We will eventually be in a direct consumer business for ESPN products, and hope to launch one of our brand technology platforms before the end of year,” he said. “We are actually confident in ESPN’s future.”

Note: CNBC parent company NBCUniversal is an investor in Hulu.