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7 ‘rich habits’ of highly successful people

By dailymail / Published on Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 19:29 PM / No Comments

Socio-economist Randall Bell, Ph.D., has been studying success for 25 years, analyzing the core characteristics that all great achievers have in common.

Part of his research included surveying more than 5,000 people across the world, including professionals, students, retirees, the unemployed and multi-millionaires. “We studied dozens of rituals ranging from writing thank-you notes to eating together as a family,” he writes in his new book, “Me We Do Be.” “We then statistically correlated various habits with different measures of success.”

It turns out that what you do every day matters. The most successful people follow specific daily rituals and routines, or what he calls “rich habits.”

Here are seven of them:

They exercise

“Those who exercised, even for 15 minutes a day, dominated statistically in every single measure of success,” writes Bell.

Take self-made billionaire Richard Branson, who wakes up around 5 a.m. to work out before starting his day. “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit,” he tells FourHourBodyPress. “It keeps the brain functioning well.”

Branson is far from the only successful individual who prioritizes fitness. Dozens of today’s top business leaders, from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to media guru Oprah Winfrey, make time in their busy schedules for exercise.