One company offering a more innovative office space is WeWork, an American company found in 2010 which owns shared office spaces in cities around the work. The company’s stated goal is to create “beautiful, collaborative, physical spaces” for workers and says it has more than 130,000 members.

The company organizes events to encourage members to meet each other and also offers an app so that members can connect and work virtually with others from around the world.

“WeWork members from different industries and walks of life help each other’s businesses thrive by sharing advice, business ideas, and even services,” Eugen Miropolski, managing director of WeWork, Europe and Israel, tells CNBC via email.

“We provide access to business critical services as well as lifestyle benefits, and have even launched Creator Awards in the U.K., our programme to give away $20 million to anyone with a great idea by the end of the year, in order to further our support for creators and small businesses.”

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