Ahead of the German election this weekend, a politician told CNBC that the country wants a working Europe.

Otto Fricke, member of the federal executive board for Germany’s Free Democratic Party laid out his party’s vision for Europe in an interview with CNBC on Friday.

“We want a working Europe. We don’t want a fat Europe, we want a fit Europe that works,” Fricke said, adding that at least in the next years it is important to have control. He is concerned how Germany and Europe will prepare if and when things go bad in the future.

“Prepare means look at the future and look what’s coming up.”

To achieve a fit Europe, changes need to be made by individual countries and not at the EU level, Robin Bew, chief executive officer of The Economist Intelligence Unit told CNBC Friday.

“When we look around Europe and see where the fault lines are, most of the fault lines are around domestic policy – doing things to make your own country more competitive. We think that’s what would happen if you want to make Europe fit,” Bew said.

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