The vending machines, which the company calls “mobile cupboards,” offer entrees and snacks featuring the company’s own proprietary grain, which has no sugar.

Unlike a traditional vending machine, however, the options aren’t shown in a transparent case, so consumers have to give the machine a bit of information before it generates an order.

“If you’re a pregnant woman and need more iron and you happen to not like cinnamon and you feel like you have a special report for work this afternoon, qe take that information and curate a menu and give you three or four choices of things you can eat,” said Lamiaa Bounahmidi, CEO of Le Cupboard’s parent company, Looly, which has raised $2 million thus far in funding.

“The goal is to feel satisfied from the mental perspective and feel like you had a nutritionist and chef working for you,” she added.

There are currently about ten locations around San Francisco. For now, the mobile cupboards are stationed mainly in offices and partner locations. However, in the coming months the company is hoping to expand to thirty additional machines in public spaces.

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