By 11 a.m. May’s ruling Conservative party had won 318 seats — eight seats short of a majority — while the opposition Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn had 261 seats. The Conservatives did have a working majority of 17 seats before the snap election. Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party had won 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats were at 12 and the Democratic Unionist Party had 10. Voter turnout was at 68.7 percent, according to the BBC.

After winning his seat back in Islington, North London, early on Friday, the 68-year-old Corbyn called for May to step down.

“People have said they have quite enough of austerity politics,” he declared. “The PM called this election because she wanted a mandate. Well, the mandate she’s got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence.”

Nigel Farage, the former U.K. Independence Party leader, also called for her resignation. “May has failed. She absolutely has to go,” he said on Twitter. Farage has also indicated he would feel forced to launch a political comeback if Brexit was under threat.

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