White men were divided 47 to 48 percent, while white voters with no college degree – a key part of the president’s base – disapproved 50 to 43 percent, the poll said. It also stated that American voters say 54 to 26 percent that they are embarrassed rather than proud to have Trump as president.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said that “profound embarrassment” over his performance in office and “deepening concern” over his level-headedness were his two major concerns from the poll findings.

“The daily drip drip of missteps and firings and discord are generating a tidal wave of bad polling numbers,” Malloy said in press release on Wednesday.

“Is there a wall big enough to hold it back?”

The poll was conducted from July 27 to August 1, with the university surveying 1,125 voters nationwide via telephone calls.

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