We need one single standard that works for everything. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. That means the landscape currently looks like this:

SmartThings, now owned by Samsung, is the closest to getting us to a one-system-to-rule-them-all solution, since it supports Windows, iOS and Android. There are tons of gadgets to choose from, though adding them isn’t always as easy as it is on other platforms.

Apple Home works much better, is far easier to add products to and has, it seems, higher security standards for the devices it approves. It’s just a shame it doesn’t work with Android, or I’d empty my bank outfitting my house with Apple Home devices.

Finally, there are the far more expensive options custom created for entire homes. These were the original smart home systems and, while they may save you a headache, they often cost thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars and require professional setup.

Until we get a single standard — and we probably won’t ever — we’re stuck in a tornado of connected doo-hickeys that, unless you’re dead set on using Apple Home or Samsung SmartThings for the rest of your life, end up causing more of a headache than a real “smart home” solution.

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