Hurricane Maria’s catastrophic impact on Puerto Rico has left the island completely crippled and without power as residents struggle to pick up the pieces. The majority of homes, roads and vegetation across the island have been either severely damaged or completely destroyed, creating a potential humanitarian crisis.

On Friday, the Guajataca Dam began to fail raising fears of flash flooding and leading to the evacuation of thousands from the nearby towns of Isabela and Quebradillas.

Residents continue to sort through the wreckage of their property to try and salvage anything they can. Authorities now face the arduous task of clearing roads, restoring power lines and providing shelter and aid to those who have lost everything on an island that has already been struggling economically.

This was the worst hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in over 80 years, and it has devastated the entire island. The impact of the storm will be felt for months if not years. The following are just some of the harrowing scenes Puerto Ricans now face in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

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