The rogue state has been on a growing standoff with the world, in particular with the United States for the past months, after proceeding with nuclear tests and being vocal against Washington.

On Thursday, Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, called President Donald Trump a “frightened dog” after the latter said he would “totally destroy” North Korea.

However, Dimon said that he would not “price a crisis” into markets over the North Korea nuclear threat. “I think that would be a mistake,” Dimon said.

“As I pointed out before, geopolitics is always a surprise, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, it always scares you when you read the paper in the morning. But in history of mankind it usually resolves itself. I’m not saying I’m not prepared for a bad outcome, I’m simply saying I wouldn’t expect a bad outcome.”

Asian stocks dropped on Friday morning following the latest news from North Korea. As a result, the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc rose as investors searched for safety.

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