Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian movie legend who has been called “the undisputed Godfather of Bollywood” and is also known as “Big B,” having starred in almost 200 films.

Aged 74, he is still prolific, with three movies coming out in 2017 alone.

And he has credited the home of Indian movies, Mumbai, as a place that forced him to find a job after he moved there from Allahabad in northern India in 1969. Arriving in the city, he had to spend the night on a bench on coastal boulevard Marine Drive, and then in a crowded apartment.

“I used to stay with friends of mine or staying with some of my brother’s friends who were already living in an apartment with four or five people in one room,” he told CNBC’s travel show “Trailblazers“.

“But, it was a kind of routine to get up in the morning and go and visit studios and try and sell your face to them.”

“It’s a kind of city that actually wakes you up in the morning, kicks you on the backside and says get out and get a job for yourself. It really pushes you,” he added.

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