Most federal felons don’t do a livestream on YouTube an hour or so after hearing a jury find them guilty. But Martin Shkreli is not most federal felons.

The social-media-craving Shkreli, 34, offered his many, many opinions about his just-concluded trial on YouTube from his Manhattan apartment Friday afternoon, right after calling the case a “witch hunt” on Twitter.

Then he admitted a New York Daily News reporter into his apartment for an interview. Which he also livestreamed, while sitting barefoot and drinking a beer (a Lagunitas India Pale Ale).

“It is what it is,” Shkreli told the reporter, Ellen Moynihan, when she asked about the split verdict in Brooklyn, New York, federal court. The jury convicted him of three counts of securities fraud and acquitted him of five other counts.

“It’s a complicated case. They reached a complicated verdict,” Shkreli said, somewhat breezily, before bantering with Moynihan about his having raised the price of a lifesaving drug by 5,000 percent in 2015.

Shkreli also said that despite the verdict, “I’m Martin Shkreli; I’m going to live a great life.”

“I’m going to focus not on what people say about me, I’m going to focus on how much more can I learn about medicinal chemistry,” he said.

“I think drug companies are doing God’s work. I think media companies don’t,” Shkreli said, as more than 3,500 people watched the livestream at one point.

“Daily News is fake news. Fake news to me is an uneven, biased approach to news.”

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