But Mezger has been skating on thin ice with the company’s board since he insulted comedian Kathy Griffin in a tirade laced with sexist and homophobic slurs.

At the beginning of the earnings conference call, Mezger again apologized for his remarks.

“I regretted the incident immediately and I’ve apologized for it sincerely. The board of directors has already taken action as the company has disclosed and I and the KB Home team are fully focused on leading this company into the future,” the CEO said late Thursday.

Last week the Huffington Post published a recording of Mezger railing against Griffin, his neighbor in Los Angeles’ upscale Bel Air neighborhood, after she called the police about noise at his home.

Mezger subsequently apologized for his language through a spokesperson, but not without taking another swipe at Griffin, calling her “unneighborly.”

KB Home has slashed Mezger’s year-end bonus by 25 percent and threatened to fire him if something similar happens again.

“If in the future there is any similar incident, he will be dismissed,” the KB Home board said in a statement.

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