Di Maio also criticized the then-proposed law, saying that “all Italian parties are trying to defeat us by approving an undemocratic electoral law.”

“With this law, the party that wins the election will get the least seats in parliament,” he said.

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As per current law, a party needs to obtain at least 40 percent of votes to gain the “majority premium” of another 50 seats. Average polling indications have both PD and M5S around 27 percent, while Northern League is polling 15 percent and Forza Italia, led by ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is polling around 14 percent.

A center-right bloc, therefore, is likely to win over M5S but is still unlikely to get an absolute majority.

The Rosatellum law will be voted on in the Upper House this week and is expected to pass and then pave the way for early elections. Local newspaper Corriere reported that President Sergio Matterella may announce the new election date as March 4, 2018 during his annual New Year’s Eve speech. That would be two months before the election date deadline of May 20.

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