You might not have enough coverage for your valuables. Many of the items burglars target — cash, electronics and jewelry — are those that have sublimits in the typical homeowners insurance policy, Loretta Worters, a vice president for the Insurance Information Institute, told CNBC.

Jewelry, for example, is often capped at $1,000 (total, not per piece). That’s not much, when you consider that a burglar is likely to sweep up your entire jewelry box, she said.

Talk to your insurance agent about policy limits, and then assess whether it makes sense to add a rider or endorsement to increase coverage on any expensive items or categories. (You might also look into insurers who specialize in insuring particular categories, such as photography equipment or jewelry.)

Check in periodically to make sure you still have adequate coverage for any items appreciating in value, said Humphrey. Add coverage as needed when you acquire new pieces.

If you’re taking precautions to protect your home, let your insurer know, Worters said. Many offer discounts for home alarm systems, home safes and even for keeping some valuables in an off-site safety deposit box.

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