1) Real-time data

Changi receives more than 1.8 million clicks of feedback each month from passengers ranking everything from restrooms, customer service agents and even the gardens.

Some of the data is actually used to help inform real-time business operations. For example, passengers leaving the restroom have the choice between ranking the facilities between excellent, good, average, fair or poor. The operational staff monitors that data and deploys cleaning staff to any location that isn’t rated highly.

2) Carpeting instead of tile

It’s not very common to see an airport decked out in carpet, but at Changi, it is the norm. This is done to increase the level of luxury, while also done to absorb many sounds that often make airports feel noisy and chaotic.

A less-noisy airport, often means more relaxed passengers.

3) Bringing in natural elements

Changi prides itself on its vast amount of greenery, which includes plants throughout its terminals, and five main gardens. It iss not easy to maintain. There’s 10 offsite and full time plant specialists, and about 150 gardeners who work 24/7.

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