Blankfein acknowledged that as the head of a major institution like Goldman, it is relatively unusual for him to be tweeting his opinions.

But as more leaders, including the president of the country, take to Twitter to express their opinions and push policy, Blankfein said he found it to be an effective way to inform people of what Goldman does as an institution.

“In the [2008] financial crisis, nobody knew anything about what Goldman Sachs did,” the CEO said. “And I said if this ever happens again, I’m not going to allow there to be a vacuum about what we’re like. We’re going to have to communicate to the world more of what we do, which we’ve done institutionally, but also, there’s a personal element to it too.”

Blankfein knows his audience, and as a voice of Goldman’s mission, he said he takes some responsibility for espousing that to his following and giving his take on U.S. affairs.

“I kind of have to be the champion of our people and I kind of owe it to the body politic to comment where I have expertise,” Blankfein said. “They could take my advice or not. I don’t make decisions, but I do give them our expertise.”

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