The European Parliament’s representative on Brexit has stepped up pressure on the U.K. government to make its position more clear before negotiations kickoff.

Guy Verhofstadt, a European lawmaker, said on Twitter that it’s time the U.K. answers five key questions before negotiations begin next week.

The first big question asks whether the government led by Prime Minister Theresa May will leave the single market or will it adopt a softer approach.

Prime Minister May has come under pressure to seek a soft Brexit after losing her parliamentary majority last week. The outcome of the election might force her to seek a cross-party political consensus to agree on how the U.K. will leave the European Union. As a result, she might try to keep some sort of access to the single market.

However, a soft Brexit would be a “daft” option, a political analyst told CNBC on Wednesday.

“It would seem rather daft to leave the European Union but then accept all of its rules just to have market access,” Charles Lichfield, associate at Eurasia, told CNBC on Wednesday.

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