In this case, the black-and-white evidence against the cartel was revealed in the form of damaging email communications which included statements such as “with a bit of talking and cooperation between us, we all win!”, according to a press release from the CMA.

The emails also disclosed that “the aim of the meeting … will be to drive the fee level up to 1.5 percent” and “…it’s really important we all give it the priority it deserves (making as much profit as possible!).”

However, Blake emphasized that in the pursuit of cartels, the CMA does not rely on uncovering emails alone.

“We also carry out our own intelligence work, usually on the basis of information provided to our dedicated cartels hotline. This will often be from members of the public who are not directly involved in the cartel but are concerned about what they have seen or heard,” he confirmed.

“We have an informant rewards program to try and encourage calls to the hotline and recently ran a social media stop cartels campaign to promote both the hotline and our leniency policy,” added Blake.

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