• The iPhone 4S: An analyst asked Cook on a conference call whether he felt customers deferred the purchase of their iPhones because of rumors that a new one was coming. Cook told an analyst in 2011 that the company was getting “fantastic” feedback on the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 4.

The turn of phrase may seem like an odd verbal tic from Cook, but it has a history in the field of computer science: The first major demonstration of the computer mouse and many elements of graphical displays in 1968 is widely known as “the mother of all demos.”

But others have associated the saying with Cook: Bloomberg‘s Shira Ovide and former CNET writer Dan Farber have both pointed out his fondness for the expression, and Cook’s the only Apple executive to have used the phrase during public events tracked by FactSet.

So as Cook’s predecessor, Steve Jobs, would say, the Apple Car is just “one more thing” on a mixed list.

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