Further evidence that tax reform is top of mind for CFOs is that respondents were more likely to say tax reform is the most important business story of 2017.

Responding to the open-ended question, “What is the biggest business news story of 2017?”, almost 20 percent said tax reform, with one of those respondents adding, “if it happens” to their answer, and another saying “euro strengthening” is the biggest story alongside tax reform.

Brexit was the next most common answer among the global council, and not surprisingly the most common response among EMEA CFOs.

Other CFOs cited a wide range of stories as the most important business news story of the year, including multiple responses about President Trump, ranging from “Trump impact on financial markets” to “Trump presidency and resulting uncertainty” to “Washington dysfunction.”

The CNBC survey of CFOs across the globe found that chief financial officers think bitcoin “is for real,” but many also think the digital currency is in a bubble.

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