A vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia is taking the wage disparity between men and women into its own hands, UK’s The Daily Mail reported, by charging male patrons more than females.

The Handsom Her, located in Brunswick, addresses the gender pay gap by charging men more, and granting women priority seats, according to the publication.

Men are asked to pay 18 percent more than women, but owner Alex O’Brien told the Mail the tax is optional. Thus far, O’Brien said nobody has refused to pay.

“If men don’t want to pay it, we’re not going to kick them out the door. It’s just an opportunity to do some good,” O’Brien told the Daily Mail.

O’Brien tells the newspaper the proceeds of the 18 percent premium will go to a non-profit women service’s group.

The report is just the latest spin on how some businesses are trying to tackle wage disparities. State lawmakers have introduced bills across the U.S. aimed at the shrinking pay gap, but it remains a hot topic in workplaces across the country.

Read the full report from The Daily Mail here.

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