After almost a decade in aerospace, rocket scientist Frank Mycroft wanted to work on tech that would improve life on Earth. He stepped out of what he regarded as a dream job at Planetary Resources, a start-up working on asteroid mining systems, to create Booster Fuels in 2014 with co-founders Diego Netto and Tyler Raugh.

Booster delivers fuel to drivers, wherever they park at work, so they don’t have to waste time going back and forth to a gas station.

Corporations offer Booster as a work perk. The Burlingame, California, startup doesn’t charge employers to get started. They just need to allow Booster’s trucks and service professionals onto their lots, and agree to promote the service like other benefits to employees.

Several big Silicon Valley corporations, including eBay, Facebook, Cisco and Oracle, have already signed up. So far, access is limited. Booster only operates in commuter towns around Dallas-Fort Worth and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mycroft said inspiration for the start-up struck while he was in his car, waiting to refuel at a station close to home. “It really bothered me how much gas I was burning just to get more gas,” he said. At the same time, he wanted to make sure the car’s tank was always full so his then-pregnant wife wouldn’t have to navigate a gas station alone.

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