Billionaire venture capitalist Jim Breyer is still bullish on large technology stocks in the U.S. and China for the next decade.

CNBC’s Mike Santoli spoke with Breyer in an exclusive interview for CNBC PRO on the sidelines of the Delivering Alpha conference in New York last week. Santoli asked the technology investor about his outlook for the industry.

“Five years ago, at Delivering Alpha, I mentioned that Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, and the Chinese internet companies were exceptional five-year investments. I still believe that,” he said.

Breyer includes Apple in his FANG acronym basket, which is slightly different from the FANG list of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (formerly known as Google) created and popularized by CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

The investor is also optimistic on the large Chinese internet companies he calls the “BAT” stocks, which includes Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. He explained why his FANG and BAT stocks will continue to thrive.

“The FANG plus BAT companies over a five- to 10-year period, from here, I think as a basket, will continue to perform extremely well. They are founder-driven, they are hiring some of the best AI talent in the world, both in the U.S. companies and China,” the investor said.

Breyer is the founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, a global venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California. He has been an investor in more than 40 consumer internet/technology companies that have completed successful public offerings or mergers, including Facebook, Etsy and Marvel Entertainment.

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