Ataribox – the latest console from gaming pioneer Atari – will likely hit stores next year.

The console will be powered by an AMD-customized processor and run on operating system Linux.

In an announcement Tuesday, the Ataribox team said it would seek to raise funds for the console on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo “this fall (read: pretty soon).”

“We want you to have early access, grab special editions (and pricing) and to have you as active partners in the rollout of Ataribox,” the team said.

Atari’s newest console is a modern take on the popular late 1970s console, the Atari 2600. Ataribox claims it will bring a “full PC experience for the TV,” and deliver home-focused features such as video streaming, social media, web browsing and music.

The brand has developed some of the most well-known household names in arcade gaming, from Pac-Man to Pong.

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