In Apple’s earnings report, CEO Tim Cook said that “iPad was strong” in China, echoing similar remarks from earlier quarters. Cook also said there’s demand for the iPad Pro in the enterprise and a strong push for iPads in education.

Apple also introduced a new iPad that costs just $329 at the entry level, which makes the device more appealing to folks who didn’t want to spend much more on a tablet. It also has a fresh duo of iPad Pro units that may help it continue this momentum as it moves toward the holidays.

“If you look at iPad, iPad was up 15% year on year,” CEO Tim Cook told CNBC. “The approach we’ve had from a product point of view, of bifurcating iPad and iPad Pro, is really resonating with our users. The iPad launch that we did at the end of March and the iPad Pro announcement from June both were received extremely well and gave us the best compare on iPad that we’ve in many many quarters.”

The fiscal fourth quarter is typically Apple’s weak point for iPad sales. After that, there will be a better indication if there’s been a true reversal.

Additional reporting by CNBC’s Josh Lipton.

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