For a small country, Ecuador has a lot to offer—low-cost living, a year-round spring-like climate, friendly natives, and more. And high-quality healthcare can go on that list too. Throughout the country dental care is top-notch, with costs that are a fraction of what you would pay in North America.

According to IL Ecuador Highlands Correspondent Wendy DeChambeau, “My family and I get all of our dental cleanings and exams done in nearby Ibarra. The office is clean and modern and the friendly staff always puts us at ease. The best part is that the cost is only $30 per person as opposed to the $150 we paid back in the U.S.”

And it isn’t just on cleanings that you will save money. Cavity repairs and fillings cost $25 to $35. Partial plates cost $325 and a complete set of dentures costs about $900, including office visits, fittings, lab work, and impressions. Other costs: an extraction, $20; root canal, $125 per tooth; permanent acrylic bridge, $225; bleaching, $25; porcelain crown, $250.

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