Next chief executive Lord Wolfson trims annual sales forecasts after disappointment over performance of his current ranges

Next chief executive Lord Wolfson has trimmed annual sales forecasts after disappointment over the performance of his current ranges. Cautious comments from the Tory peer wiped 4 per cent off the retailer’s shares and overshadowed what was a bumper set of annual figures where profits for 2014 leapt 12.5 per cent. Britain’s second-largest clothing retailer,


Climate change as ART: Stunning images reveal the Earth’s ecosystem as a colourful ‘painted’ globe

The mesmerising patterns of our changing climate have been revealed in artistic computer simulations used to analyse global warming. The paint-like swirls depict global water-surface temperatures around the world, with the surface texture driven by the rotation of the Earth. Using data from various climate models, trapped regions of warmer water, shown in red, are


The perfect pedicure for ELEPHANTS: Technique measures pressure on captive mammals’ feet so zookeepers can spot disease and trim nails effectively

You may have experienced the eye-watering pain of an ingrown toenails, but imagine if you weighed 15,000 lbs (7,000 kg). Scientists are working to prevent painful and potentially deadly foot diseases in captive elephants by finding the best way to trim their feet. Wild elephants benefit from walking long distances on different surfaces and rubbing


The girl allergic to the SUN: Teenager is confined to her home because any light exposure triggers painful skin eruption

Most of us welcome the beginning of summer, with its brighter weather and longer days. But for one teenager, it spells the beginning of virtual hibernation – for fear of agonising pain. Autumn Everitt-Brick, from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, suffers an extremely rare reaction to UV light and heat. Exposure causes immediate reddening and blistering to


Nature’s answer to HRT: More and more herbal pills claim to conquer your symptoms the natural way – but do they really work?

Many women are reluctant to take HRT, even the newer forms highlighted in yesterday’s Mail, which mimic the body’s own hormones. But are natural remedies an effective alternative? Today, in the latest part of our series on sailing through the menopause, the experts give their view on which alternative approaches work — and which ones